Hello, Android

As an effort to rapidly learn the ins and outs of developing for Android, I have built a small App that simulates the motion tracker from the film “Aliens”.

Motion Tracker App Screenshot

Check it out for yourself.

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4 responses to “Hello, Android”

  1. Troglodad says:

    Love this App! I’d like to see the volume switch on phones used to control the movement of targets- make them move closer or further away. Start with nothing on screen. then first click makes target move closer- all so you can trick someone (like my kids) into believing something is approaching.

  2. GroumpH says:

    Nice Job !!
    Do you plan to had a drag’n’drop ability to the “Aliens”, so they could be moved to fit a particuliar situation ?
    Or do you plan to release the source , it could be a way for me to quickly add this feature ?

  3. Evan says:

    Please, please, could you make this app work on an iPhone. It would be awesome to have it for when Aliens: Colonial Marines comes out.

  4. Lectraplayer says:

    Awesome toy app. Even proved my boss was an alien. (Not!) Worked perfectly for that. Anyway, I would like to get the source code for one of my own doppler-sonar projects.

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