Valentines Programming

I’m not a chocolates and flowers kind-of guy, so for Valentines day I decided to make my girlfriend a gift. Having recently introduced her to Portal/Portal 2 and being a programmer, I settled on the only logical conclusion; a Companion Cube Music Box!

It uses an ATTiny85 for the sound generation and a speaker I salvaged from a LCD Monitor for amp and speaker. There is some more detail on the video description, but I intend to put a blog post tutorial up in the future for anyone else looking to add some music to their creations!

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Hello, Android

As an effort to rapidly learn the ins and outs of developing for Android, I have built a small App that simulates the motion tracker from the film “Aliens”.

Motion Tracker App Screenshot

Check it out for yourself.

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Break The Silence

I hit a milestone in one of my personal projects, so I wanted to share! I’ve finally completed the new Background system for my homebrew Nintendo DS project. The video illustrates the end result (Streaming hardware backgrounds with multiple parallax, animated tiles and smooth scrolling), but the system itself comprises of a full tool chain for building and compiling/optimizing map data, through to better management of them at runtime!

You can download the rom and try it for yourself!

I hope to make some of this tech available as a stand alone tutorial at some point in the future, time permitting 🙂

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